Outer Banks Watersports

Outer Banks Watersports

Whether you are just visiting the Outer Banks or have lived here your whole life, there is always more to explore. This barrier island offers unique conditions for adventures on the water. There is something here for everyone! Here are a few of the best watersports on the Outer Banks that The Brad Beacham Group recommends and some tips on how to do them like a pro!


The Outer Banks is known for having some of the best surfing conditions on the East Coast. The winter season provides larger swell while the summer is more likely to bring smaller waves that are perfect for beginners.

Sands are always shifting on this barrier island, so it can be hard to predict which spots currently have the best waves. However, some well-known spots for surfing are Avalon Pier in Kill Devil Hills, Jennette’s Pier in Nags Head, S-Turns near Rodanthe, and the Cape Hatteras Light Station. These spots are more likely to produce big, clean waves, but for beginners and on the right day, you can surf almost anywhere on the Outer Banks. If you find a surf spot you like, be sure to reach out to us about beach homes for sale on the Outer Banks so you can always be close to your favorite break!

When surfing, look for a glassy wave that doesn’t just turn into choppy white water. It should continue to look clean as it breaks. Beginners should use a soft top longboard and start out with small waves. Make sure to have a leash (about the same length as the board) so that the board doesn’t get away from you. Don’t forget the wax! Surf wax helps keep your feet from slipping off when you stand up. There are different types of wax for different water temperatures. Get wax that is for the temperature range you will be surfing in.

There are plenty of companies on the Outer Banks that offer surf lessons and equipment. Check out Outer Banks Surf School for lessons and surf camp opportunities. If you are looking for rentals and knowledgeable staff, The Brad Beacham Group suggests Outer Banks Boarding Company.


Being a barrier island, the Outer Banks is surrounded by water on both sides. To the east lies the Atlantic Ocean, and to the west you will find the sound. The sound is filled with brackish water (a mix of freshwater from inland and saltwater from the ocean). These diverse habitats provide a wide variety of fish to catch on the Outer Banks!

The best months for fishing on the Outer Banks are April through October. But don’t sleep on the winter months. The fishing can turn on quickly when the weather is warmer than normal. When fishing Offshore you are likely to catch tuna, mahi, cobia, wahoo, billfish…you name it and you can just about catch it! You will find trout, redfish, flounder, bluefish, sheepshead, and more on the sound side.

The Brad Beacham Group suggests booking your trip at Oregon Inlet for charter fishing. Located on NC 12 at the north end of the Basnight Bridge, this full-service marina is a great launching point for fishing adventures Inland and Offshore. Here you can find an array of charter boats led by experienced captains.


With its many canals and open sounds, the Outer Banks has many opportunities for scenic kayaking! On the sound side, you will find calm shallow waters and an abundance of wildlife. Beautiful birds such as egrets and great blue herons are common to see. Kayakers will likely see fish and turtles swimming around as well. Sunsets over the sound are something to behold on the Outer Banks. Paddling out at this time will give explorers a beautiful scene.

For a more thrilling experience, try ocean kayaking. On a calm day, this could mean just paddling around in the ocean (which still requires more effort than sound kayaking due to currents). If there are waves in the ocean kayakers can try to catch them! However, be sure to keep an eye out for rip currents when kayaking in the ocean.

There are many companies that offer kayak tours and rentals. This is a fun activity for all ages! It is a great opportunity to see beautiful wildlife and get some exercise too!


The Outer Banks provides consistent wind and open expanses of water, two factors that can make or break kiteboarding experiences. The conditions here attract kiteboarders from all over! The best time to join in the fun is in the spring or fall when wind conditions are the best.

Arguably the best spot on the Outer Banks for Kiteboarding is Kite Point. It is located between Avon and Buxton on the sound side of NC Highway 12. People come from far and wide to participate in the fun! If you are parking or driving in the sand to get to this spot make sure to have a vehicle with four-wheel drive.

For those looking to learn how to kiteboard or improve their skills look no further than REAL Watersports or Kitty Hawk Kites!


Located off the North Carolina coast lies the Graveyard of the Atlantic, an area that has seen more shipwrecks than most. Shifting shoals, currents, and stormy weather have created a patch of treacherous waters that have led many ships to their watery graves. Lucky for us on the Outer Banks, this means there is an abundance of underwater shipwrecks to explore.

A few of the easiest shipwrecks to see can be found in Nags Head, Kill Devil Hills, and Kitty Hawk. Located in Nags Head near Bladen Street, The Huron is a popular shipwreck. It is not too far off the shore so you can swim to it from the beach. Another frequented spot is near Second Street in Kill Devil Hills where two shipwrecks lie. Lastly, there is a shipwreck near Luke Street in Kitty Hawk. Visit The Outer Banks Blog for more information on these shipwrecks as well as a few more locations. There are many more shipwrecks scattered throughout the Outer Banks, but these three are all fairly easy to access.

For the best experience, wait for a day when the water is calm and clear and the sun is shining. This will allow for better visibility. Make sure you are being safe when snorkeling. Use caution by swimming with a buddy, keeping your hands to yourself (don’t touch the critters), and knowing your limits. The ocean is powerful so be aware of currents and waves.

Endless Adventure!

We at The Brad Beacham Group love where we live. These are just some of the many watersports available on the Outer Banks. The opportunities for adventure on the water are endless! If you have any questions about homes for sale in Outer Banks NC, or watersports here that our team enjoys, feel free to reach out. We are here to help you find your dream home that brings you closer to the water and all the activities the Outer Banks has to offer!

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