Luxury Home Design Trends for 2024

Luxury Home Design Trends for 2024

While classic designs in luxury homes will always be present, there are some who build and decorate based on what is currently on-trend. For those who entertain and wish to stay on top of what is hot, getting a jump on what is poised to trend can be a bit tricky. If you’re curious what 2024 will look like in luxury home design trends, read ahead to see what next year has in store.

Look for the outside and the inside to merge throughout the home

Transforming balconies and decks into more comfortable entertainment areas will be a growing trend for 2024. Lush plants, plush seating, and more will help blend the interior and exterior into a space that feels like an outdoor living room or parlor. Covered outdoor areas with mounted entertainment systems complete the feel, for those looking for the full experience.

While a plant or two indoors has been common in many homes for years, there’s a growing movement for the incorporation of large, full, and exotic greenery inside. This luxury home design trend brings the outdoors in, and lends for a more hushed and relaxed space.

Many homes will include wellness spaces

With a growing emphasis on caring for one’s physical and mental health, it’s no surprise that entire rooms, or portions of larger rooms, are beginning to be used as wellness spaces.

A wellness space will be different from home to home, as they are designed around an individual’s needs. But the common theme throughout the design process is to develop a safe space for a person to disconnect, reflect, and process their thoughts and feelings. Spaces that are conducive for meditation, yoga and other exercises, or simple relaxation are common approaches when designers are constructing these areas for clients. As more attention is being paid to mental health awareness, look for this luxury home design trend to really expand in 2024.

For some, 2024 will be a throwback to a bygone decade

For those looking for a luxury home design trend that is more fun and funky, there’s a growing movement for a total retro living space from decades ago. The 1970s are coming back in a big way, and you’ll soon see burnt orange and moss green in the fabrics that adorn living rooms.

New designs are emulating the ones that some of us haven’t seen since we were last in our grandparents’ basements. Many interior decorators are scouring estate sales and second hand stores in search of the real thing. These vintage furnishings and interior decor are being refurbished, cleaned, and set in the homes of those who want a touch of yesteryear throughout.

If you’re wanting to go about this design trend yourself, there are an abundance of places online to source your furniture and decor. While some of these furnishings can be had rather inexpensively, keep in mind that nearly every piece should be professionally cleaned before they are used.

The “Internet of Things” is continuing to grow

Smart technology has evolved enough so that many folks have the ability to control a lot of their home’s gadgets from their phones or tablets. Whether it's setting the thermostat to cool before you arrive home from a trip or deactivating the security system for a guest, the “Internet of Things” has come a long way. And in 2024, experts predict that it will become more incorporated into luxury home design trends.

Furniture that can be connected via WiFi is growing in popularity. Shelving that can be remotely controlled to reveal or conceal its contents, draperies that open and close with the push of a button, and the ability to control the lighting with your phone are all bits of tech that have been around for a number of years. As the technology has become more developed, it is growing in popularity and will be part of the home-tech trend for 2024.

Also included are underfloor heating elements and self-shadowing windows.

Of course, voice activated commands are also a growing part of the trend. Being able to control your music, security system, and lighting are only part of how this technology is growing to give homes a futuristic feel to them.

Traveling has made global inspirations become interwoven into interior design

With so many people beginning to travel the world again after the easement of Covid restrictions from the last few years, there’s a growing luxury home design trend to bring elements of world travels home. Wherever the homeowner travels, the various designs and art they come to love in faraway lands are being used to design and decorate living spaces.

The colors, fabrics, and art from various parts of the globe are great reminders of long vacations to beautiful destinations. Whether you’re bringing statues from Southeast Asia or colorful tiles from Central and South America, you can be sure to have a room that captures your memories from your travels.

As more people are expected to travel throughout the rest of 2023 and into 2024, look for world-travel inspired rooms to make their way into many luxury homes.

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